Caught in the act

I know that I am not the only woman who has caught her husband cheating on her with Dagenham escorts. But at the time, it felt very much like that. It was heart breaking, and it too me ages to come to terms with. At first, I was furious at the Dagenham escorts and threatened them will all sorts of things, but after a while. I calmed down and realized it was my husband’s fault after all. He had invited the girls into our home, they had not turned up on their own.

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On the day it happened, I was just returning from a business trip. We never used to pick up each other from the airport, using a taxi service was just so much more convenient. When I arrived at the house, I could hear music playing and girls laughing. At first, I thought my husband was having drinks with our grown up daughters, so I opened the reception room door with a big smile on my face. But there he was, drinking vintage champagne with two Dagenham escorts. I was totally shocked at the two Dagenham escorts jumped up as soon as they saw me.


I have always known that my husband is a bit quirky when it comes to certain things, and he did confess to dating Dagenham escorts before he married me. Needless to say I was very angry, and we had a row in front of the Dagenham escorts. Of course, the two girls from Dagenham escorts did not know what to do. In the end, I asked them if they had been paid, and they said yes. I told them to leave shouting abuse after them as they left.


My husband and I used to live in Dagenham, and I loved the place. However, since I caught my husband cheating on me with two Dagenham escorts, the city became less appealing. Not only did I divorce my husband, but I also moved away from Dagenham. In a way, it wasn’t the Dagenham escorts fault. I suppose my husband never told them he was married. Our home was rather large, and he did not have to invite the girls to our private part of the house after all. The house did not feel like home after that, and all I kept thinking about was my husband and his Dagenham escorts.


It was an awful experience, and I threw my husband out of the house. It was clear that he was upset, but I did not want to see this man again. After that day, we only spoke via lawyers, and after a year our settlement was sorted out. I sold the house and moved out into the country. For the last couple of years, gardening has been my therapy. From what I understand, my husband is still seeing his Dagenham escorts, but I don’t care anymore. I have my home, and my two lovely daughters who have never forgiven their father, and I am not sure they will.

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