My Life as an Escort in London

Most people assume that you are a dippy blonde when you work for a London escorts service such as Bow escorts of It is not as easy as you think being a London escort and there are days when I really struggle to get it all together. Could it be that a lot of people assume that it is not a professional job? I think that is the biggest problem and I often feel that escorts are not being taken seriously enough when it comes to our profession.

Like most other single girls in London, I have to work pretty hard to make ends meet. London is one of the most expensive capitals in the world to live in, and you have to work hard. Okay, I know that I have been more fortunate than many girls. I have been able to buy my own apartment and stuff like that, but it is till not easy. Just like the other girls at Bow escorts, there are a couple of things that really bug me about London.

One of the things that bug me the most, is the transport system. I am not sure what it is going but it keeps breaking down. I had a day off from Bow escorts today, and it took me a long while to get into central London because of breakdowns. It is so annoying as I have paid a small fortune for my oyster card and I cannot understand why things go wrong all of the time. Surely, we should be able to get that sorted out.

Did you know that some people find it hard to get hold of food in London? It seemed strange a first, but one of the girls that I work with at Bow escorts told me about it. She has a friend who lives in central London and she says that it is hard to find a supermarket. Many Londoners eat out all of the time just because it is so hard. I know that rents in central London are sky high and that it is not easy to open shops. Most central Londoners apparently do their shopping online so that stuff is delivered to them.

Is the capital at bursting point? I think so. One of the gents that I meet at Bow escorts a lot, says that the modern day London is not a place that he recognises. It has become home to the super rich and now normal Londoners are paying the price. I think that is right. When I am not busy at London escorts, I like to help local charities. There are now lots of food charities in London and that is something rather new. If London is such a wealthy capital, it really makes me wonder why we need food charities. Something is not right here and I think it is about time that London solved its problems. It is tough to live here now, and I imagine that it will get tougher in the future.…

LondonEscorts on odd sexual fantasies

I have some rather odd sexual fantasies and sometimes I just like to live them out with my boyfriends. Once I was even put in hospital by one of my fantasies. My boss at London escorts think that I am a bit too much over the top when it comes to fantasies, and he is glad that I don’t act them out at London escorts. It would be fun to do so, and I am sure that many of my dates would really appreciate some of my fantasies. However, for now I have to make do with role play at London escorts.

The thing is, that I really like sex toys. I have quite a few different sex toys, and the girls I work with at London escorts know how crazy I am about my toys. The one that put me in hospital was a remote control love egg. My boss at London escorts till laugh about it today, but it wasn’t that funny for me. My boyfriend and I were playing around with this toy when I got the cramps. The thing was, he could not switch of the vibration and I had to go to the hospital with this thing vibrating in me.

Of course, the hospital laugh though it was funny as well, but I felt rather uncomfortable. I had to take a couple of days off from London escorts after “the event” and this is how my boss found out. All of the girls at London escorts were okay about it and did not laugh but the boss did, and it rather annoyed me at the time. Now, I can sort of see the funny side of it but it still annoys me that it happened to me. My boyfriend also managed to tell all of his friends somehow.

I am sure that a lot of ladies do have sexy fantasies about being satisfied over and over again. This exactly what happens when I play with sex toys. Lots of the girls at London escorts do use sex toys, but they have not had any problems. I am probably one of the few London escorts who have the cramps that badly! Still, it made an interesting talking point for a week or so. Do I still use sex toys? Yes, I do but I make sure that I don’t use them when I am over excited.

Well, I have learned my lesson and will be careful in the future. At the moment I am still working for London escorts but in the not too distant future, I hope to start my own sex toy site. I would just love to sell sex toys on line. Most people do buy their sex toys online and I would share my personal experience with them. At least I could say that my sex toys have been reviewed by London escorts, and that the girls have tested the pleasure principle of all of my toys for sale. That would be a really novel approach, would it?…

A Crowded Night: My Life As An Escort

As an escort, it is usually my joy when my clients are happy. I will go out of my way to ensure that the customer is satisfied, be it a man or a woman. It is not uncommon to meet clients who have weird demands. Some have emotional distress, and sex is one way of relieving their pain. Others have ego issues, and thus they find sex a good place to relay what they feel. Others have weird sexual desires that they cannot try on their wives or girlfriends thus they try them with escorts. I have met many of these, but one left me dumbfounded.

It was a typical evening that I had to go to work. I love dressing up, so I did the same on this particular day. I put on my six-inch boot, a sexy short and a transparent top that did not leave any imagination. A client had already booked me. We had agreed to do “our thing” at a hotel down the street, where he had already booked a room. During our prior chats, he had mentioned that he’s a big BDSM fun. So, I was ready for some “jail time” and “slavery.”

“I am already here,” I called when I got to the hotel. “Come to room 202,” was his reply. As I walked up the stairs, I couldn’t help but imagine how I would show him what I am made of. Little did I know what awaited me? On reaching the door, I knocked, and he did open the door. He was taller than I had imagined but still okay. I was surprised to see a crowd of other escorts in there. They were about ten. This was absurd since I was only used to the one man one lady thing. All the same, I did not complain. I was here to do my job which I believed I would.

He tied our hands and told us to lie on our backs and play dead. “Nobody should dare move, or I will disqualify you from this,” our client commanded. This meant I would lose a lot of money, so I chose to obey. Then, he started pinching each of our nipples, one at a time. You wouldn’t flinch due to the order, so we all lay calm. Next, he whacked us using riding crops. Now, remember you were not allowed to gasp, grim, or flinch.

Next, he came with a monster dildo which he would insert into the pussy, one at a time, and fuck you like that was the last thing he was going to do. Again, you were not allowed to move. So, he tortured us with the sweet dildo for about an hour before he untied us.

Things were getting hotter I say! He asked us to couple up and start wrist fucking. Considering the cash, he was paying me; I knew I had to do it. So, we all coupled up and had a lesbian time for a while. Funny enough, he would just walk around while we did it as if he didn’t feel a thing.

After doing this for about two and half hours, he let us dress, paid our dues and left. I am yet to meet another client who enjoys such play again! Totally weird, but another satisfied customer all the same.

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